A weird scheme to launch a Kodak-branded bitcoin mining rig, first shown off at CES in January, has collapsed. Spotlite, the company which licensed Kodak’s brand and built the rigs, told the BBC that the scheme won’t be going ahead.

Spotlite’s CEO Halston Mikail told the BBC in a phone call that the plan had been blocked by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), and that company would now operate its machines privately with kit installed in Iceland. There are some inconsistencies between what Spotlite and Kodak told reporters at CES in January, and what the two firms are saying now.

In January a representative for Spotlite said demand for the KashMiner rigs was high, and that 80 miners were already in operation. Mikail also outlined a plan to install some rigs at Kodak’s headquarters, according to media reports.

But Kodak told the BBC on Monday that no devices were ever installed. And at CES, Kodak’s booth prominently displayed the branded Kodak KashMiner, with Kodak apparently having licensed its brand to Spotlite.

But later in the week at CES, Kodak’s brand was conspicuously missing from the mining rigs. And on Monday, Kodak told the BBC the rigs were never officially licensed. Read more from businessinsider.com…

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