Privacy Policy Jim Howard, the superintendent of Bonner School District, points to Spokane LLC’s bitcoin data center at the Bonner Mill in 2017. The plant emanates a loud humming from fans to cool the servers for the large network of computer servers in the building.

At a sometimes explosive meeting Wednesday, the Missoula Development Authority Board turned down a request from a crypto-currency mining operation in Bonner for over $135,000 in Tax Increment Financing to reduce what neighbors say is irritating and unhealthy noise from hundreds of fan blades that cool the huge computer server banks. The motion failed on a 4-4 vote with one abstention because a majority is needed to pass.

Steve Nelson and Mike Boehm of Bonner Property Development own the former millsite in Bonner that now houses a variety of industrial businesses, including Project Spokane, LLC, a bitcoin mining company. Nelson came to the MDA Board on Wednesday with Dan Stivers of Project Spokane to ask for $135,880 in Tax Increment Financing to pay for the purchase and installation of several hundred new fan blades, as well as sound engineering work.

The goal is to mitigate the loud humming noise that emanates from the fan blades as they cool off the computer servers that run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Neighbors have complained about the incessant and loud hum for many months, saying they can’t open their windows and sleep at night.

They also worry about long-term health effects, such as hearing loss. Project Spokane applied for and was granted all required permits by Missoula County for its business. Read more from…

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