Company claiming first blockchain with a million transactions per second has a million questions to answer By Lawrence Lewitinn, May 31, 2018 Meaningless data in a stock photo (via Pixabay). If there were a Rotten Tomatoes-like aggregator for top ICOs, Ternio would probably get a “91%.” They have a top team, third party verification of technology, and the impressive first-ever milestone of 1 million transactions per second.

They also have a serious problem convincing us that any of that is true. When Ternio co-founder Daniel Gouldman hired security firm Null Bash to conducted a full audit of Ternio’s team, infrastructure, and code base, it was more than a party trick.

Gouldman wanted the toughest outsiders possible to verify that Ternio’s Lexicon architecture could handle one million transactions per second (txns). Ternio is in the pre-sale stages of its ICO, so now would be the time to show eager ICO eyes what it can do.

It will open to the public on June 1, 2018. This would solve one of blockchain’s most persistent problems: scalability.

“The verification report highlights the ability for Ternio’s blockchain to process more than one million transactions per second, fully decentralized and on-chain, making it the fastest blockchain in the world,” the company said on its website. Although this protocol could make consumer purchases almost instantaneous, Gouldman and his Atlanta-based team are setting their sights on advertising. Read more from…

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