Cryptocurrency exchange has announced the appointment of Ben Ingram as its new CEO. Ingram left accounting firm Price Waterhouse Coopers (PwC) in March this year, where he worked as a director in charge of digital strategy.

His departure from the traditional world of finance follows that of CBA’s finance chief Rob Jesudason, who left the bank in May to run Hong-Kong based crypto company In addition to working on the’s trading exchange functionality, Ingram’s focus will be on developing crypto-based financial products in areas such as superannuation.

Although the company provides cryptocurrency transaction services, Ingram told Business Insider that differs from a typical crypto exchange. “Rather than a full exchange, the company offers more of a gateway service,” Ingram said.

“It provides people one of the easiest ways to get into bitcoin — and importantly, get back out of bitcoin. That includes same-day settlement, so cash back into your account as at the date of the transaction.” Right now, only provides transaction services for the world’s two biggest cryptocurrencies — bitcoin and ethereum.

Ingram said the company was likely to expand its exchange services to include other cryptocurrencies in the future. In addition, he’s exploring opportunities to introduce crypto investment products into Australia’s vast pool of superannuation. Read more from…

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