Ripple’s XRP has always been subject to controversy and conflicting opinions. Many people see it as a cryptocurrency, albeit it cannot be clearly defined as such.

Elpis Investments CEO Anatoly Castella confirms XRP is not a real cryptocurrency, and its current dip is only to be expected. All cryptocurrencies, assets, and tokens have had a rough 2018.

Any positive momentum is quickly followed by even bigger dips. Prices for Bitcoin and altcoins have plummeted by 60% or more compared to their all-time high in early 2018.

Ripple’s native asset is no exception, as it has dropped from $3.40 all the way to $0.48 in very quick succession. Such a dip is to be expected.

The digital asset industry is extremely volatile, first and foremost. This means dips and highs can occur at any given time and in spectacular fashion. Read more from…

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