An interview with the ConsenSys Capital Co-Founder on the state of blockchain After meeting Joe Lubin at the first ever Ethereum Meetup, Andrew Keys was the first business hire at ConsenSys in 2014. His first endeavor, ConsenSys Enterprise, was amongst the first initiatives to ever connect the dots of blockchain and business.

After launching the blockbuster Enterprise Ethereum Alliance that signaled the zeitgeist to massive worldwide interest in Ethereum, Keys has spent the majority of 2017 traveling to all corners of the globe, connecting the dots between blockchain, government, central banks, and enterprise — and he’s done most of it while wearing flip flops. As he switches gears to focus on a new venture of equally grand scope, ConsenSys Capital, we spoke with Andrew Keys about the state of blockchain in 2018, the role of centralized organizations in the decentralized revolution, and what to tell your friends and family who have recently developed an interest in digital assets.

The developer community is exploding. I see it everywhere I go.

The sheer amount of people at Devcon this year was amazing. We have reports from a large analyst firm that suggest the Ethereum community has 30 times more developers than the next blockchain community.

Just the fact that you’re seeing that type of developer adoption is imperative. If you go back through history, whoever has the developers tends to succeed. Read more from…

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