FILE PHOTO: A collection of Bitcoin (virtual currency) tokens are displayed in this picture illustration, in Paris, France, December 8, 2017. REUTERS/Benoit Tessier/Illustration/File Photo Reuters LONDON (Reuters) – An anonymous benefactor has donated $5 million in bitcoin to the California-based Open Medicine Foundation, the non-profit research organization said on Friday.

The OMF said it had received $4 million on Friday, having received $1 million from the same donor last month, via the account that it holds with BitPay, a bitcoin payments firm that converted the donation into U.S. dollars. The money came from an anonymous donor calling themselves “Pine” from the Pineapple Fund, whose website says that it has already donated around $37 million anonymously to various charities and projects.

The fund intends to donate $86 million in total, according to the website. “Donating $86 million of bitcoins to charity because once you have enough money, money doesn’t matter,” the website states.

It also says the fund holds one of the top-250 richest bitcoin wallets in the world, with “Pine” having got into the market early. Bitcoin allows money to be sent anonymously across a peer-to-peer global network, with no intermediaries needed to validate or process transactions.

That has made it attractive to those who want to keep their identity secret, including those buying and selling illegal goods and services on the internet. OMF set up its BitPay around a year ago to enable anonymous donations. Read more from…

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