IOTA is a distributed ledger protocol, and it is one that is constantly exploring new ventures. Over the last little while, we have seen IOTA enter into partnerships with NGOs, and provide details on the Qubic. The company’s latest venture was launched this week.

It is called the IOTA Lab, and it was developed in partnership with AKITA.  The IOTA Lab was developed alongside AKITA, which is a blockchain-based startup. If you’ve never heard of AKITA before, it is a startup that focuses primarily on making DLT more tangible.

AKITA also wants to integrate DLT into everyday life.  AKITA confirmed the launch, tweeting the news to its followers. IOTA retweeted the message.  Based on AKITA’s tweet, the IOTA Lab will be an “open community blueprint project.” We also know that aside from the IOTA Lab, AKITA is working on IOTA’s “Tangle.”  Mentioned briefly, AKITA is working on “Tangle” with IOTA, which means these two platforms trust each other enough to work on more than one venture with each other at a time.

Further, AKITA has already created a number of IOTA based proof of concepts (POCs). Here are a few examples:  IOTA (MIOTA) is currently selling for $1.68.

This puts MIOTA down 4.10% in the past twenty-four hours.  IOTA (MIOTA): Altcoin Kicks off the Week in the Red Zone In what seemed like a lifetime of waiting, IOTA has released one of its most anticipated products. This week, IOTA released the Trinity Mobile Wallet. Read more from…

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