Cryptocurrency mining is an industry which attracts a lot of attention all over the world. Combining such efforts with renewable energy will often result in a profitable business.

If things go according to plan, Hadouken Pty Ltd will set up a 20 MW solar farm to mine cryptocurrencies in Australia. It is a positive development for the cryptocurrency industry, as it shows that major firms are continuing to pay attention to this new form of money.

Setting up a large-scale Bitcoin mining operation is not all that easy. One has to keep the massive initial investment in mind, as well as factors such as electricity cost, location, and cooling.

Finding the right balance between all of these factors can only be done in a handful of places around the world. Surprisingly, Australia is one of those places, at least according to Hadouken Pty Ltd.

The firm, which is owned by Ben Tan, has submitted an application to set up a 20 megawatt Bitcoin mining operation in Collie, Australia. To power this energy-intensive business, the firm will rely solely on solar energy. Read more from…

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