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Required fields are marked As reported by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, in Forsyth County this week, five men were charged for allegedly scheming to steal Bitcoin from a local resident. According to recent reports, the five tried to steal Bitcoin which amounted to nearly $1 million.

These men were each accused on charges of conspiracy to commit burglary and conspiracy to commit robbery by force, both felonies. Trivette Lane Adams, Matthew Schwartz, Robert Jacob South, Justin Eric Ellison, and Michael Anthony McDermott are the names.

This case supposedly began when the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office got a report about people coming from out of state to possibly commit a Bitcoin felony, Atlanta Constitution deputies said. Adams, age 20 from Texas and McDermott, age 18 from California were arrested near Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport trying to flee the state, as per the deputies. Read more from ambcrypto.com…

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