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The Bank of Thailand (BOT) has passed a new circular that is allowing the banks and financial institutions to invest, issue, and sell cryptocurrencies through Following the launch of their Mission X program, BitMart Exchange listed 13 new projects as trading pairs for their utility token, BMX. Those trading pairs SEC has been reportedly looking into brokerages that deal in cryptocurrencies and making inquiries about their fees, how they deal with clients, the involvement of VeChain is been selected by the Shanghai government for its traceability solution to be used for drugs and vaccine.

Recently, the source code of v1.0.1 July 31st would be marked as a seminal event in the history of cryptocurrency exchanges as OKEx was forced to liquidate a large order when Bitcoin has yet again come in the green as prices move a bit upwards after days of downward momentum. However, according to the latest report Read more from…

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