There’s a new bitcoin cash (BCH)-focused wallet called Centbee that recently launched its alpha testing version on the Google Play store. The Johannesburg-based Centbee’s wallet is a bit different than most light clients as it offers a simplistic user interface, with plans to provide an in-wallet buy and sell feature, and merchant payments service that enables BCH payment processing and account integration.

Also read: A Look at Leverage Trading: Learn to Run With the Bears and Ride the Bulls The Bitcoin Cash ecosystem has a lot of unique wallets that users can choose from for storing, sending, and receiving BCH. Now a firm based out of South Africa called Centbee has launched their open alpha wallet, which can be downloaded via the Google Play store.

Centbee has been slowly building its application for quite some time now, and the firm is also backed by the London-based blockchain firm Nchain. The wallet’s creators want people to test the open alpha version so they can get feedback on how well the software works.

  “We are making Centbee the easiest way to store, spend and send bitcoin cash safely on your mobile phone and we know our fans cannot wait to download it, play around with it and let us know what you think!” Centbee explained during the Alpha launch. decided to give the Centbee wallet a test drive and found the interface was easy to use compared to some wallets that are very cluttered.

There’s not much to the wallet as it offers very basic BCH storing, receiving and sending features. Anyone can test Centbee’s alpha version by utilizing testnet coins so users can experiment without losing real funds. Read more from…

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