It has been a very interesting week for most cryptocurrencies. After a steep dip, we now see an equally steep uptrend materialize out of the blue.

For the Bitcoin Cash price, things are quickly moving up, as the value has increased by over $300 since May 29. A very positive trend, albeit one that will be difficult to maintain.

Similar to most other cryptocurrencies on the market today, this past week has proven to be both interesting and slightly confusing. To put this into perspective, the week was off to a terrible start, with most markets losing over 10% in a 24-hour span.

For the Bitcoin Cash price, this results in a dip from $970 to $889.57 in very quick succession. Although such dips are not entirely uncommon in the world of cryptocurrency, it is never a good sign. This time around, the situation has turned around once again, as the Bitcoin Cash price has recovered quite nicely ever since that dip.

Thanks to solid gains virtually every day since May 29th, the Bitcoin Cash price has now increased to $1,128 again. A very positive trend, although one that can always turn around at any given moment. Read more from…

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