Well-known experts from big companies will gather together in Tel Aviv to discuss blockchain, cryptocurrencies and ICOs at Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Israel today, on March 28. Invited speakers will raise such topics as crypto industry future, connection between cryptocurrency and AML, and blockchain in financial services.

The conference will include two panel discussions, where top experts will share their opinions on blockchain legal and regulatory challenges and blockchain influence on the banking industry development. Among the speakers, there will be Meni Rosenfeld, the chairman at Israeli Bitcoin Association.

Meni Rosenfeld is a scientist, developer and entrepreneur, and one of the top Israeli bitcoin experts. He is the leader of the Israeli Bitcoin Association (IBA) for already almost five years.

The association focuses at promoting cryptocurrency in Israel and connecting cryptocurrency enthusiasts together in order to drive attention to the issue. The Press Service of Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Israel talked with Meni Rosenfeld on the development of the Association and acceptance of cryptocurrencies in Israeli society.

Interviewer: Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Israel (BCI) Speaker: Meni Rosenfeld (M.R.) M.R.: Colored coins, as originally envisioned, are not very popular currently, and many of the companies that pioneered its development are now focusing on other projects. However, the core ideas behind it have gained huge momentum, and are being deployed using other technical means. Read more from investing.com…

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