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The cryptocurrency market is an incredibly unpredictable world, where bitcoin prices and fluctuate wildly in an instant.  The bitcoin craze has simmered down in recent months after prices slumped to more than half of the 2017 peak of $19,000. Investor confidence has waned, but there is still plenty of opportunities for new traders to buy and sell bitcoin in an attempt to make a profit.

The UK is not particularly active in the cryptocurrency market, with Britain usually placed at the bottom of the top 10 most active markets, according to CryptoCompare.  Like all other markets, there is potential for investors to lose a lot of money on bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, so it is always advised to stay cautious.  Indeed, many experts warn new traders to stay away from bitcoin, which is notorious for its volatile behaviour. If you are still interested in buying and selling bitcoin, explains how to invest in bitcoin.

Bitcoin is the global phenomenon that has burst onto the financial scene and taken everyone by surprise.  The technology behind bitcoin is incredibly complex, but in simple terms, bitcoin is a digital currency that is entirely separate and decentralised from any bank or government, making it a completely free currency.  Bitcoin can be bought or sold like any other commodity, as well as a real currency to purchase goods, such as pizza, clothes or even taxi rides.  The underlying tech behind bitcoin is called Blockchain. Bitcoins are generated through a giant, global network of supercomputers that complete extremely complex mathematical equations which produce bitcoin onto a digital ledger called the blockchain.  The Blockchain cannot be edited or tampered with, giving its users complete trust and security.

The ledger is public and open for everyone to view, with each block in the chain revealing new bitcoin to track and monitor.  LiteCoin is going down with the market dip Bitcoin is the oldest and most famous cryptocurrency, which was created in 2009 for online purchases. The coin started life as a nefarious means of paying for illicit goods on the Dark Webb – an anonymous internet platform that allowed users to buy and sell goods ranging from drugs to weapons. Read more from…

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