02/22/2018 Bitcoin is actually incredibly complex and nearly impossible for your everyday human being (which I am thankfully not) to understand.  To quote a famous meta-economics scholar on the subject of Bitcoin, “Buy buy buy buy buy buy buy buy buy buy buy buy buy buy buy buy buy buy buy buy buy buyb uyb uby buby bubyb buy buy buy buy buy buyb u buy buy buy.” I agree wholeheartedly. That is my honest, completely bias-free, objective opinion.

In the past year or so, Bitcoin has gone up and down, travelled laterally along a 3D representation of a Klein bottle, and ended up flying straight into the hearts of the American people. In order to deepen my understanding of Bitcoin’s escapades, I sat down with my Great Uncle Big Papa, who has endured many moons under Bitcoin’s reign, to look into the personal side of this phenomenon.

Commenting on Bitcoin’s notorious volatility, Big Papa told me, “Back in my day, 100,000 Bitcoin would get you a pizza, but a gallon of gas cost only a nickel!” He then started recounting his days as a youth being raised by wolves and refused any further comment. As a result of this,  I was forced to go back to the unsatisfactory purgatory of internet research.

What I did find might surprise you. Bitcoin was actually first conceptualized back in the Roaring Twenties during the rise of Tulip Mania — or when people started eating flowers because it brought them wealth in the new year or something.

Al Capone and a young (like really young) Philip K. Dick got together and brainstormed a way to profit off of this economic turmoil. Their idea — small pieces of paper that were given value by the mass populace believing that these pieces of paper had value. Read more from cavalierdaily.com…

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