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Contact us: editor AT Crypto Briefing – ICO and Cryptocurrency Analysis, News, Features, Ratings and Reviews – Cryptocurrency NewS, ICO Reviews, Analysis, & Blockchain Updates Bitcoin’s (BTC) 200-day moving average (DMA) continues to slide in the longest downward trend since the summer of 2014.

Price data collected over the last 200-days indicates the Bitcoin moving average fell from $10,300 in early June to today’s $8,300. Although still $2,000 higher than the $6,150 moving average at the start of 2018, this is the first declining trend for the 200-DMA in three years.

The last slide saw the average decline from $650 in June 2014, to $250 in July 2015. Traders use DMAs to determine an asset’s price-trend overtime and to identify changes to the established trend. Read more from…

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