Bitcoin is showing signs of life again. For the first time in two months, the price of the cryptocurrency crossed the $8,000 mark — and then it kept on climbing, shooting up over $8,300.

That’s a significant turnaround—for a spell toward the end of June, one unit of Bitcoin was trading below $6,000. It hit a low of $5,848 on June 28, according to cryptocurrency-tracking site

If you bought Bitcoin at that June low, you would have been up roughly 42% at the time it rose to a high of $8,342 on Tuesday morning. In other words, a $1,000 investment in Bitcoin on June 28 would theoretically be worth $1,420 today.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are very risky and unpredictable, and there’s no telling where prices will go from here. Bitcoin has been on a wild rollercoaster ride through most of 2018, rising 50% in one day and plunging 10% on another.

But mostly, Bitcoin has been on a decline for months: Even after the recent spike above $8,300, Bitcoin is down more than 50% off its all-time high of nearly $20,000, hit toward the end of 2017. Well-respected investing gurus like Yale economist Robert Shiller and billionaire philanthropist Warren Buffett have little good to say about Bitcoin and other cryptos. Read more from…

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