We review CryptoLab Capital’s Network Value to Metcalfe (NVM) ratio. This model is the most academically advanced so far and I recommend everyone read the source article.

While NVM does break new ground in Bitcoin network valuation, I have a few comments. In the past I’ve reviewed several Bitcoin (BTC-USD)(COIN)(OTCQX:GBTC) pricing models.

If you haven’t read them yet, you can get caught up by following the links below. In case you missed my models, you can get caught up here (Unique Addresses And Bitcoin Market Cap – A Powerful Correlation), here (3 Models To Explain Bitcoin’s Market Cap), and here (Bitcoin Value Indicator – July 2018).

Today we’re doing a deep dive into a single model from Cryptolab capital, I hope you enjoy. Cryptolab Capital has been publishing some high quality research into Bitcoin’s network value.

The article entitled “Rethinking Metcalfe’s Law applications to cryptoasset valuation,” by Dmitry Kalichkin is no exception. First, I want to mention a terminology difference you might not be aware of. Read more from seekingalpha.com…

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