Bitcoin lost its recent luster in Wednesday trading as the broader cryptocurrency market weathered significant dips into the red. Here are the stories you can’t miss in cryptocurrency for Wednesday, April 25.

Bitcoin looked to register losses Wednesday as prices fell from highs near $9,750 set overnight. The No.

1 cryptocurrency dipped as low as about $8,900, shedding more than 8% for the day at lows. As losses mounted, trading volume skyrocketed near $12 billion, or 1.3 million bitcoins, reaching a high not seen since Feb.

6, when bitcoin registered its most recent price low. While bitcoin’s price decline was significant, the cryptocurrency remains elevated from recent price moves.

At its $9,750 high, bitcoin touched a price not registered since March 12. The digital asset has rallied 61% from February lows, but remains off a December high of nearly $20,000 by about 51%. Read more from…

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