Today I just wanted to send you a quick note to highlight a great example of a company that’s using Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) to solve a real-world problem. I thought this would be important given that most of the noise in the crypto space these days is still almost invariably focused on the Bitcoin price.

A quick Google search for “Bitcoin” reveals headlines from CNBC to Fortune Magazine, all about whether or not Bitcoin can come out of its price slump: “Wall Street’s Tom Lee cuts his year-end bitcoin price target by about 20%”, and “3 Bullish Signs Return For Bitcoin” Similarly, “Blockchain” and “DLT” news is generally dominated by reports about various government policies:“Spain’s Securities Regulator Undertakes a
Blockchain Pilot” “President of Uzbekistan Signs Decree on Blockchain Integration” “Maltese Parliament Passes Laws That Set Regulatory Framework For Blockchain, Cryptocurrency And DLT” But these stories really miss the point. We’ve been talking about this a lot lately in our conversations: it’s been nearly a decade since Bitcoin was created.

Crypto and DLT are no longer in their infancies. Few people knew much about it, so it was noteworthy that digital currency churned out by a piece of C++ code was selling for cold, hard cash.

But today the prices of Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies are about as relevant as the the prices of cotton and copper; in other words– not entirely inconsequential, but hardly worthy of front-page news on a regular basis. Even still, though, the noise continues unabated.

The media hasn’t woken up yet to what this trend is all about. It’s not about the price. Read more from…

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