In 2008 when the stock market was tanking, most investors liquidated their positions even in the most fundamentally strong stocks. However, there were some shrewd ones who were doing the exact opposite.

They were coming into the markets and buying like never before. Warren Buffet was one of them.  I remember reading a financial times article from 2008 with the headline: “Buffet buys BYD stake” The national bank of Abu Dhabi is the biggest bank in the UAE, and is one of the most respected in the world.

A few days ago, this bank announced that it would be integrating Ripple into its systems, to help make international transactions more efficient. These are news that have come at a time when the value of ripple (XRP) is hovering around $0.60-$0.74, making it an unprecedented buy opportunity!

This is huge news and further serves to increase Ripple’s fundamental value.  In case you didn’t know, Santander group is one of the biggest banks in Europe, and the fact that it is adopting XRP is a great validation for this coin. Through the Ripple powered applications, customers will be in a position to send money across boarders instantaneously, and at very low costs.  This is the perfect time to buy XRP given that this deal comes at a time when ripple (XRP) prices are heavily depressed.

IDT Corporation announced that it would be using Ripple to increase efficiency in its global currency transfers. This is big news considering that IDT is a major American corporation, and with this action, it increases the fundamental value of ripple (XRP) as a usable coin. Read more from…

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