Starting today, you can pay with Cryptocurrency Verge for adult content at several sites including Brazzers. The brand enlisted Stormy Daniels to announce the new anonymous payment option.

You can pay with Verge as payment towards monthly and yearly memberships on the brazzers website. In Brazzers’ newest commercial to announce its partnership with Verge Currency, legendary porn star Stormy Daniels takes us on a mind-blowing journey through the history of porn.

From salacious pre-historic cave painting to bawdy burlesque striptease, from the videotape revolution of the 80s to the explosion of the World Wide Web, Stormy traces pornography’s titillating lineage right up to the present day. Now the ‘World’s Greatest Porn Site’ leads the adult industry into a brand new era.

Brazzers is now accepting Verge cryptocurrency. “We are excited to announce that Verge cryptocurrency is now a valid method of payment for Brazzers memberships.

We’ve always embraced evolving technologies, and cryptocurrency is no different. Brazzers customers will also have an increased layer of security in the layer of anonymity that is added when it comes to payment with Verge, ” said Brazzers Senior Product Director, Mario Nardstein. Read more from…

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