On Sunday, Salon.com began offering the option to help fund the company’s operations. The miner —which requires an opt-in— will run over your internet browser, and siphon away your PC’s excess computing power to generate a virtual currency called Monero.

However, the mining isn’t meant to be a cash cow for the company. It’s a test designed to address a select group of readers: those who’ve chosen to run an ad blocker in their browser.

Upon visiting Salon.com, these visitors will be given two options: either allow the ads to run or let the company harvest your “unused computing power.” Otherwise, all access to the free site will be blocked.

The goal behind the change is to fight the rise of ad blockers, which Salon’s CEO Jordan Hoffner said have been eating into the company’s revenues. His hope is to squeeze some return from readers once locked away behind the ad stopping technology. “I can’t just sit here and wait for someone else to come up with a solution,” Hoffner told PCMag.

“We’ve had to take actions ourselves.” Salon is a rare instance of a mainstream website —without a shady reputation— deciding to adopt browser-based cryptocurrency mining. Read more from pcmag.com…

thumbnail courtesy of pcmag.com