Cardano (ADA) entered the crypto community with a mission to revolutionize blockchain and currently ranks 7th in terms of marketcap. The team behind this great project is always two steps ahead of its competitors which is why they call Cardano third generation blockchain which means that it has set out to solve problems that other coins are yet to face.

It is no surprise this project is backed by IOHK (Input/Output Hong Kong) under the leadership of Charles Hoskinson. If you have not heard about IOHK before, that is fine because they are not the kind interested in publicity or promotion.

IOHK, the same company which also works on Ethereum Classic is known for its low key style. Their approach of more doing and less talking can be seen in the achievements of Cardano.

The team behind Cardano is one of the most ambitious in the crypto community.  They are planning to take on Ethereum and Ripple at the same time with their advanced smart contracts and layer based architecture. Investor interest in Cardano has been the highest in Cardano (ADA) during the last 6 months when its price climbed from $0.10 in December to $1.40 in early January registering a 14x growth before crashing with the rest of the market.

Cardano (ADA) still is a solid crypto investment but with the rise of new cryptocurrencies, investors seem to have forgotten about this coin in the current hype dominated market. Cardano (ADA) was one of the few coins with more than 75% loss in value following the recent correction. Read more from…

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