Cardano hasn’t been covering itself in glory as of lately. July was a strange month for it, seeing it reach lows of $0,12 USD on July 13th and also seeing the coin’s BTC value fall below 2000 satoshi for the first time in a while.

The coin did have a decent period after Coinbase announced its intention to look into adding Cardano as a part of its portfolio, which saw its values rise up to $0,1912 USD/2569 satoshi. This recovery was short lived, as the coin decided to end the month strongly in red.

As of the moment of writing, one ADA is worth $0,120717 USD (8,41% drop in the last 24 hours)/ 1854 satoshi (0,70% drop in the same time frame). The coin is currently boasting one of the market highest daily trade volumes of 10,658 BTC, with Binance and the Korean exchange Upbit being responsible for about 70% of it.

With a market cap of $3,648,368,513 USD, Cardano remains the 8th most valuable cryptocurrency on the market. OrcaBobby on TradingView had this to say about the technical elements of the coin: “Global Bullish triangle with strong support level and 80% Fibonacci level.

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