While commentators were abuzz with speculation that Cardano will merge with Google to jump start their offer, founder Charles Hoskinson is looking at other imperatives. Widely touted as an altcoin that can “compete with ETH,” Cardano is closely aligned to the Ethereum build in many ways.

Any altcoin looking to overcome Ethereum’s first-mover advantage has its work cut out. The Ethereum platform, unlike celebrity Bitcoin, has proved a massively applicable and user-friendly platform for myriad token issues. A growing body of evidence shows that Cardano is positioned to compete directly against Ethereum in the existing landscape.

The somewhat under-sung Ethereum has a definite taste for smart contract assembly, dapps and decidedly network-driven growth. The first-mover advantage has been a persistent theme in the industry, notably among Bitcoin enthusiasts who have pointed to Bitcoin’s “original” status as the greatest promise of long-term value among digital coins.

A current snapshot of Bitcoin’s history shows a virtual coin almost a household name, never having lost its novelty in spite of a wave of follow-ups. Investors and developers, along with a rapidly growing body of merchants, are drawn to BTC for its glamour and demonstrable promise, albeit a volatile one. But another angle on value has emerged with Ethereum, as its value is also deep and constantly growing.

Investors might lean towards Bitcoin, but with its penchant for diverse application, the Ethereum network is the darling of developers and dapp builders. The vast majority of ICOs employ the ERC-20 protocol in their offers. Read more from bitcoinexchangeguide.com…

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