Cardano’s streak of success continues to surprise an ever-growing community that follows the project with high expectations. Of all the projects in development, Cardano is one of the most closely monitored.

Created by a team of former developers of the Ethereum network, the famous blockchain 3.0 not only promises to solve the problems of Bitcoin and its “Proof of Work”(Pow) but is now working on solving the problems of the “Proof of Stake” (Pos) algorithm as well. Cardano is currently in a bullish trend, with a growth rate close to 10% in the last seven days.

At the time of writing, it had a registered market cap of $9,325,889,491. Such an increase in its value caused it to take the position of Litecoin as the crypto with the sixth place regarding capitalization.

Litecoin is currently quoted at $8,473,708,485. It is also important to note that this makes Cardano the leader in the list of altcoins with market caps below 10 million dollars.

On February 14, 2018, Litecoin – which was below ADA on Coinmarketcap – had managed to achieve higher capitalization. This milestone excited the community quite a bit, especially Charlie Lee, who was optimistic about the currency’s growth. Read more from…

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