It is safe to say we live in a very interesting time when it comes to cryptocurrencies. More specifically, a lot of money is flowing into this ecosystem, although not all of it may end up where it should be.

While diversification in the cryptocurrency world is always advised, it is still unclear what drives the Cardano price. Especially now that it has surpassed $1, there are still a lot of questions which need to be answered.

In the world of cryptocurrency, most people think of Bitcoin and ‘everything else”. As we have seen in the past few months, this “everything else” category encompasses a lot of currencies which seemingly go up in value on a whim’s notice.

One of those currencies is Cardano, a project which still has everything to prove to the masses. Although it remains unclear if this concept will ever go anywhere, the Cardano price has appreciated in value by quite a margin in the past four weeks.

More specifically, we have seen the Cardano price go from $0.118 all the way to $1 today. Achieving such massive growth in less than four weeks is pretty spectacular, to say the very least. Read more from…

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