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by CryptoMedication When analyzing any coin in the crypto ecosystem, it’s always important to first get a better understanding of the coin’s backstory and inception. So, before we can go into any detail about Cardano, its token currency ($ADA), purpose or anything, we will provide a brief overview of the founder’s background and his specific affiliation with cryptocurrency.

Currently, Charles Hoskinson is considered to be one of the foremost experts in the cryptocurrency field. While there are different viewpoints on Hoskinson as a human being and his ethical standard of conduct (we’ll get into that later), few will dispute the fact that he’s legitimate regarding his innovative ideas within the realm of blockchain technology.

Plus, his contributions to some pretty hefty cryptocurrency projects that are still in existence today. Below, is a short biographical synopsis of Charles that you can find online with ease: The world came to become familiar with Hoskinson through his involvement with the Ethereum project.

If you remember back in time, he teamed up with Vitalik Buterin to start that Ethereum project circa 2013/2014. Long story short, time went by and Buterin and Hoskinson got into a tiff over whether Ethereum should be some non-profit, open source software like Bitcoin or if it should be monetized.

In this debate, Hoskinson was on the side of those that wished to monetize the Ethereum project directly like a business. Eventually, after some period of bickering and back-and-forths, Hoskinson decided to simply abandon the project altogether, then go after other pursuits. Read more from…

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