The game activity of LastWinner may be boosted by bots imitating a higher level of activity. The high load of the Ethereum network continues for days, as one smart contract habitually consumes more than 30% of gas.

The reason for the activity is becoming clearer – according to experts, it was indeed a game similar to the FOMO3D model. This time, however, the game called LastWinner was targeted to Chinese users.

The LastWinner smart contract, however, not only relies on players. It is possible that the thousands of transactions are also bot-generated, in effect faking activity, and also possibly preventing anyone from actually becoming the last player to purchase a ticket.

“The contract address in question was created by a Chinese mobile game developer called LastWinner. The rules of this game are very similar to Fomo3D and its clones which have become very popular in the past couple of months leading to Ethereum network congestion,” said Yo Kwon, CEO of Hosho, a smart contract security firm.

At Hosho, experts decompiled the code, and noted many similarities with the FOMO3D game. However, it is still unclear what nuances the smart contract may hold. Read more from…

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