“We intend to allow 24-48 hours of inbound transfers before enabling trading of Ethereum Classic on @CoinbasePro and Prime.” Goldman Sachs: “Bitcoin Is Likely To Decline Even Further” VeChain (VEN) Unveils Drug and Vaccine Traceability Solution For Over 30 Million TRON (TRX) Price Slipping Despite TVM and BitTorrent Addition While the cryptocurrency market has been in a tumultuous state over the past 72 hours, Coinbase has pushed forward with its development, recently noting that Ethereum Classic is almost ready for addition to the platform’s exclusive roster of cryptocurrencies. But with this most recent announcement, it is clear the engineering and coding team at the firm had their heads down, doing their utmost best to add ETC as soon as possible.

On Friday afternoon, Coinbase took to Twitter to break the latest update on this situation. They issued the following tweet to the account’s over one million followers, which sent shockwaves rippling throughout the industry.

In the blog post accompanying the tweet, the exchange revealed that they expect final testing to be completed by August 7th. Following the conclusion of the firm’s extensive rounds of testing, Coinbase will open support for inbound deposits on Coinbase Pro (formerly GDAX) and Coinbase Prime.

It is important to note that trading will not be enabled immediately, with the exchange intending to allocate 24 to 48 hours to explicitly facilitate ETC deposits. The firm’s Twitter account noted: While the firm seems rather confident about this date, it was noted that it may be subject to change, with the date being seen as only a “best estimate,” rather than a finality.

By any chance that details shift, Coinbase made it known that punctual updates would be given to the public to stay in-line with their transparency policy. Coinbase also noted that its so-called “Consumer” exchange, the name given to the barebones exchange meant for ‘everyday joe’ retail investors, will not initially support ETC after August 7th. Read more from ethereumworldnews.com…

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