CoinMarketCap seemed to appear out of nowhere last year during the rise of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, establishing itself as the de facto source for tracking the rise and fall of valuations. That’s brought incredible amounts of traffic and attention. Alexa ranks it as the world’s 174 most popular website, and it enjoys more traffic than the likes of the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg and other media.

Yet despite that power, precious little is known of the company, as the Journal wrote earlier this year. CoinMarketCap has also done nothing to expand out and take advantage of its position at the center of the rise of cryptocurrencies, which are collectively worth over $400 billion.

But today — its fifth anniversary since starting the website — it has released its first mobile app for iOS, rebranded its website and prepared to launch more new services. The app itself is long-awaited, but the truth is that most crypto enthusiasts already have a go-to app for checking prices or keeping an eye on their tokens.

The app does what you’d imagine. It lets users sort by coin market cap ranking, name, price or price percentage change within 24 hours, and you can switch between all tokens, the top 100 or a ‘watchlist’ for specific tokens.

There’s a single banner ad at the bottom of the app, and at the moment — somewhat annoyingly — no way to pay for an ad-free version. Token prices themselves can be tracked across 24 hours, seven days or 30 days. Read more from…

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