January 19, 2018 by Art Rozenbaum 0 Comments Bitcoin is often described as a system for making “anonymous” transactions and value transfer. However, when evaluated more critically, it is found that Bitcoin is not as secret and hidden as people think.

To solve these issues, a separate class of coins has emerged. These are known as “privacy coins”, with Monero being one of the most prominent.

Riccardo Spagni, or “FluffyPony”, is the Lead Maintainer of Monero, and gave a presentation about the project at the North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami. Also read: Bitcoin Dev Greg Maxwell Resigns as CTO of Blockstream Join the Bitsonline Telegram channel to get the latest Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and tech news updates: https://t.me/bitsonline The presentation started out with a brief review of the history behind Monero.

One particularly interesting thing about the privacy coin is its origin story. FluffyPony explained that the original founder of the project was a “Gigantic Douche Bag”.

This caused the community to fork away from the original project, and relaunch it without the original founder. For a while, these two forks were running in parallel, but eventually the old one fell by the wayside and the community formed consensus around the new project. Read more from bitsonline.com…

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