Verge XVG, the once the privacy coin and now the ‘porn coin’ is possibly most well known for it’s integration with PornHub. As you may know, a few months ago Verge ran a crowd funding campaign which promised to help them secure the ‘biggest partnership deal’ for cryptocurrency adoption.

The news of a PornHub partnership didn’t bode well and thus, the value of Verge plummeted. Even so though, the Verge community remains strong and, despite a few hacks and attacks, as a currency, Verge XVG lives on.

WhatsApp, as owned by Facebook, is an ultra-secure, encrypted messenger service. As present, WhatsApp does only focus on file sharing and instant messaging, however in the future, we can see WhatsApp integrating a money transfer service.

Facebook have recently added money transfer into Facebook Messenger, and we know that Facebook have established a ‘blockchain team’ so to speak, so, could a blockchain based transfer protocol be on its way to WhatsApp, possibly so. Well, as mentioned, WhatsApp is an ultra-secure messaging platform which uses end-to-end encryption.

One of the selling points of WhatsApp is of course its security and thus, it would only make sense for WhatsApp to integrate a very much decentralised resource into their platform, if they did decide to branch out into blockchain money transfer. Of course, we aren’t saying this would happen, but, through WhatsApp’s already security conscious vision, it would only make sense for a currency like Verge to be used within this. Read more from…

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