Over 500 people have already joined the unusual initiative to support Syrian children. UNICEF’s ‘Game Chaingers’ charity project has raised more than 1,500 euros in five days since its launch last Friday.

In its promotional video UNICEF appealed to video game fans, who have the largest number of graphics cards. The powerful devices are necessary for cryptocurrency mining, which lies at the heart of the project and distinguishes it from other existing initiatives.

“Through the use of mining we create an opportunity for those who cannot give or have never had the opportunity to do so,” UNICEF said. ‘Game Chaingers’ uses graphic cards as a humanitarian tool, instead of traditional cash donations.

However, donations using a credit card or Paypal are also welcomed. The organization urges everyone to engage in the ‘mining’ process, using the computing power of their PCs (and graphic cards in particular) to operate transactions of a certain cryptocurrency.

They are given tokens as a reward. For its project the non-governmental organization has chosen Ethereum – second highest valued cryptocurrency after Bitcoin. Read more from rt.com…

thumbnail courtesy of rt.com