The valuable domain name, whose owner Matt Blaze has steadfastly refused to sell to cryptocurrency companies, is now owned by a cryptocurrency company. TechCrunch reported today that Monaco purchased the domain for an undisclosed amount.

Monaco is known for its cryptocurrency token MCO and a Visa debit card backed by cryptocurrency; after the domain sale, the company is rebranding itself as “” Blaze, a prominent cryptology researcher and professor at the University of Pennsylvania, registered in 1993. As cryptocurrency has boomed, he’s been besieged by potential buyers, but he’s repeatedly and publicly told them that the domain wasn’t for sale.

He’s also criticized the use of “crypto” as an abbreviation of “cryptocurrency” (instead of “cryptography”) as well, saying it would have “bad consequences for both cryptography and cryptocurrencies.” Monaco is a relatively well-established company by cryptocurrency standards, though it was criticized last year for advertising Visa-branded cards before actually being approved by Visa — something that officially happened in November of 2017. The company was founded in Switzerland in 2016, and in addition to its cards and tokens, it’s launched a mobile wallet app and an automated cryptocurrency investment system.

While Blaze might have finally sold, however, his personal site still warns visitors against investing in cryptocurrency. “Many cryptocurrencies are scams, and I strongly advise against their use as investment vehicles,” it reads.

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