From XRP adoption to reports of a big acquisition at Tron, here’s an overview of some of the stories happening in the world of crypto. Tron is reportedly set to buy the file sharing service BitTorrent – something founder Justin Sun hinted about in a recent live stream.

Tron has also officially launched TronVM, which is designed to let Ethereum developers easily run Ethereum-based DApps on Tron’s new blockchain. Online real estate marketplace Propy just added XRP as a payment option, in addition to Bitcoin and Ether.

Meanwhile, digital payment platform Uphold completed its integration of XRP, allowing users to buy the crypto with USD, as well make deposits and withdrawals. As its mainnet launch approaches, it looks like a significant number of people may still need to register their EOS tokens on the new blockchain.

If your tokens are on an exchange that supports the token swap, there’s no need to worry. The team at IOTA says it’s making solid progress and launching a new set of testnets.

Developers are testing new features and restructuring their R&D process to speed up development. Zilliqa has unveiled a new programming language for smart contracts that’s designed to be highly scalable and resistant to bugs. The new language, called Scilla, aims to let developers get a true look at how the platform’s smart contracts will perform before they go live. Read more from…

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