This Tournament (#3) runs from April 6th through April 19th. We have had a blast playing CryptoBots thus far, and we came in 2nd in the 1st tournament.

We received .8ETH for placing 2nd and also received a rare CryptoBot that we can sell for more ETH if we decide to go that route. For now, it makes more sense to keep to manufacture new bots, lease out to others manufacturing bots (more ETH) or battle (again, more ETH) CryptoBots is just in it’s infancy, and after a slow start without a ton of marketing behind it, it’s picking up steam quickly.

New users have increased over 500% in the past 2 weeks and the numbers are growing daily.   More players are rushing in to join the latest CryptoCollectable craze, and Tournament Pots are only going to get larger.. so assemble your crew and compete to earn ETH.

This game is a lot of fun in itself, the fact that you can get lucky and potentially earn more than a year’s salary (multiple years for the average American) Make this game even more appealing and slightly addicting we might add. The highest price CryptoBot for sale at the moment is priced at 427ETH ($232,288 USD) Although more rare bots have recently been released like the CryptoBots with guns that are priced more realistically and there’s new bots that haven’t even been released yet.

Participate in battles, receive points for your bots’ battles (3 for a win, 1 for a loss). We will evaluate the players that finish 1st through 50th, based on their general amount of points, collected on a single account during the entire event period. Read more from…

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