Throughout 2017, crypto prices continued to rise. At one point the crypto market cap was over $800 billion, and one Bitcoin was worth nearly twenty thousand dollars.  In January this year, the trend reversed.

The prices started falling, and they kept at it. Now, it feels like we’ve reached full circle.

The collective market cap of all cryptocurrencies is at $191 billion — the first time it went below $200 billion since Nov. 2017.  SEE ALSO: 22-year-old man loses $24 million worth of bitcoins in apparent scam The price action on the cryptocurrency market in the last couple of days can easily be described as a bloodbath.

Bitcoin is currently trading at $6,007, down 14.42% in the last week. Ethereum is at $264, down a whopping 35.28% in a week.

Other major cryptocurrencies, such as Ripple, Bitcoin Cash and EOS, are down double digits as well.  Not looking very good today, I’m afraid. There’s no clear trigger for this price decline, at least not in the news. Read more from…

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