Cryptocurrencies and online gaming seem like a match made in digital heaven. The burgeoning popularity of online gaming and esports has led to the creation of in-game digital currencies which could be a valuable addition to the virtual economies of popular online games such as World of Warcraft.

According to a study by digital asset exchange WAX, which surveyed 1,000 gamers in the US, 75 percent of gamers wish that they could exchange their virtual goods for a digital currency that can be bought and sold on other platforms. Furthermore, while five percent of millennials have an interest in cryptocurrencies, 55 percent of online gamers have already used them in the past. This suggests that there is a large crossover between the bitcoin community and the online gaming community.

Interestingly, out of the surveyed gamers, around 50 percent of all age groups also own cryptocurrency. However, 87 percent of them have not used digital currencies in gaming before but 80 percent stated that they would be interested in using cryptocurrencies to make in-game transactions.

The study also found that from the potential benefits that cryptocurrency use in online games could bring, 75 percent of the surveyed gamers cited their ease of use, 66 percent stated heightened security, 49 percent said lower transaction fees. Moreover, 64 percent of those surveyed believe that the current model of in-game virtual currencies needs improvement and 69 percent are interested in being able to convert their in-game virtual currency into tradable digital tokens.

“The widespread usage of cryptocurrency in online video gaming is imminent. Video gamers are tech-savvy members of a global community with the desire to make frequent, small transactions across borders. Read more from…

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