Wall Street is probably working on cryptocurrency solutions, we just don’t know about it yet. Dash CEO Ryan Taylor recently spoke to mediahouse CCN about the use of cryptocurrency and how the traditional financial system is coping with this new phenomenon.

“Wall Street has a tendency to work on major new developments in private, and I suspect many others are working on solutions, even while simultaneously publicly shunning cryptocurrencies,” Taylor opined. However, Taylor pointed out that Wall Street may not be necessary for cryptocurrencies to gain widespread adoption.

“Crypto doesn’t need Wall Street to grow,” he argued, adding that adoption was growing with or without the support of traditional financial institutions. But he does believe that digital currencies would be much easier to use if they were integrated with traditional financial systems. Taylor joined Dash Core Group in 2016 and has been CEO of the company since last year.

Prior to Dash, he used to work as a hedge fund analyst at a $20 billion investment firm based in New York, which is why he has such insights into the traditional financial world. See also: NEO [NEO], DASH [DASH], Binance Coin [BNB] fight a bear trend; Technical analyses and latest updates The cryptocurrency market recently witnessed a major development with top exchange operator Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), which runs the New York Stock Exchange, announcing that it will soon launch Bakkt – an open and regulated ecosystem for digital assets.

Bakkt will work with various businesses such as BCG, Microsoft and Starbucks to create a platform which will allow users to buy, sell, store and spend virtual currencies on a global network. According to ICE’s announcement, Bakkt’s first use case will be Bitcoin trading. Read more from bcfocus.com…

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