The cryptocurrency Dash has partnered with AloGateway, an international payment processor, to increase its business-to-business payments platform all over the globe. Dash, which is actually one of the largest cryptocurrencies globally at position 13 according to Coinmarketcap, is providing private and quick transactions.

Is currently has a capitalization of $2.17 billion. The announcement, which was made this week, will enable Dash to have access to the AloGateway platform, thus permitting traders to send, collect and keep the currency.

At the moment, the platform processes approximately a hundred thousand dealings every day. This is over 50% of Bitcoin’s present trade volume.

The digital currency makes use of an international network of master nodes that helps expedite the enhancement of its bionetwork. Ryan Taylor, the CEO of Dash asserted its partnership with AloGateway is now being acknowledged as the key partner for fiscal systems like China Union Pay.

Being a major payment processors in the Asian region, AloGateway is a strategic companion for Dash, even as the company seeks to expand its international network in Asia as well as other regions where cryptocurrencies have a heavy presence. This partnership is of great benefit to Dash since the company now has access to AloGateway’s wallets, including its services. Read more from…

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