The SingularityNET Token Generation Event: Dates, Instructions  MoreJoin us in bringing the life-changing power of AI to everyone.As planned, we closed our whitelist on December 13th. We are not accepting any additional registrations.

If you are part of our 20,000+ strong whitelist, congratulations. Now it’s time to make history.For too long, only powerful corporations and individuals have been able to take advantage of the true power of AI.

This meant that nearly all of humanity would miss out on this $3 trillion market opportunity. Even worse, the consolidation of AI resources has crippled the pace of innovation.SingularityNET is set to permanently destroy these barriers, establishing the first and only platform for coordinating global AI resources at scale.

Because our platform is built on the blockchain and powered by our native AGI token, you can take advantage of our network’s growth.Token Generation Event (TGE) detailsHere’s everything you need to know about the upcoming event:TimelineKYC: Registration is open from December 15th until December 18th, 2017 at 11pm UTC.Token Generation Event: The event will take place at approximately 5pm UTC (London time), December 19th, as measured in ETH block numbers. We will livestream the Ethereum address 1 hour before the token generation event for security reasons.How to Participate: Be on the whitelist (now closed!), complete KYC, wait for approval, and send ETH to the event address. Read more from…

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