Timothy B. Lee
– 7/23/2018, 10:07 PM About a year ago, graphics card prices started to go crazy. Then in early 2018, things got even crazier.

The price of a Radeon RX 570—a mid-range graphics card popular for cryptocurrency mining—soared from under $200 in April 2017 to over $450 in February 2018. Over the same period, a high-end RX 580 soared from around $230 in April 2017 to as much as $540 in February 2018.

But since then, graphics-card prices have been falling steadily, according to data collected by PC Part Picker. An RX 570 fell to around $350 by the end of April.

And you can now get one for a bit more than $300. An RX 580 now goes for around $330.

When I visited my local Best Buy back in January, the store was asking for $529.99 for a Radeon 580 with 8GB of memory—and the store didn’t even have them in stock at that price. By late April, the same card was available from Best Buy’s website for $419.99. Read more from arstechnica.com…

thumbnail courtesy of arstechnica.com