Electroneum (ETN), the first British cryptocurrency, has reported a successful first month of its mobile mining BETA trial, giving millions of smartphone users global access to mine their cryptocurrency. It’s worldwide survey of over 44,000 participants saw 93% of users being young males, 64% labelled “crypto newbies” and 56% anticipating they will use the mobile mining experience all the time.

Designed to be the most user friendly and mainstream cryptocurrency in the world, ETN is the first company of its kind to offer mobile mining on the go, helping with the adoption of cryptocurrency into the mainstream market. The mobile mining experience is a simulation of real computer mining, which allows users to obtain ETN coins whilst playing ‘games’ to increase the amount of coins they receive.

The survey also found that a quarter (24.7%) of its users were located in North America, home to one of the largest bitcoin mining data centres, with Europe (21.9%) following closely behind. Richard Ells, CEO and Founder of Electroneum said: “The past couple of years has seen a significant shift within the cryptocurrency market, with Bitcoin increasing its value at an exponential rate in 2017 alone.

However, Bitcoin can be difficult to get hold of, trade in and spend so with the creation of our mobile mining BETA trial we know it will provide our users with the freedom, security and accessibility which you get from mining on a computer.” Electroneum’s mobile mining will be live in January 2018 after the success and response from its beta trial. You can find further details about ETN at https://electroneum.com and you can find live and historical coin price information here: https://cryptotalk.xyz/coin/electroneum-etn/ Click ETN for the full archive.

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