Fledgling cryptocurrency EOS can’t seem to catch a break. Over the weekend, top block producer, EOS New York, took to Twitter to notify users that several other block producers had crashed due to a RAM-related complication.

It appears that shortly after the overall RAM usage on the platform passed the 1GB mark, the nodes of a number of block producers – the EOS equivalent of Bitcoin miners – suddenly crashed. The malfunction occurred despite an agreement between block producers to support a maximum limit of 64GB.

EOS New York has suggested the issue likely had to do with a failure to configure nodes accordingly. The block producer further added the mishap might be in violation of the reg producer agreement (put in place for accounts interested in registering as block producers).

It was later confirmed that the RAM issue was the result of a faulty configuration, and not strictly a violation of the terms. Although there were no network interruptions, standby block producers were able to automatically substitute those crippled by the technical mishap. EOS is a platform specifically designed for decentralized applications (dApps), often touted as the Ethereum-killer.

But in order to run dApps on its blockchain, it requires RAM: the bigger the program, the more RAM is required to function properly. Keen speculators have been envisioning a world where EOS functions perfectly and developers have flocked to code their own decentralized solutions on its blockchain. Read more from thenextweb.com…

thumbnail courtesy of thenextweb.com