The third round of blockchain rankings has been released by China’s CCID Research Institute and EOS received the top rating for the second time in a row. Ethereum and Nebulas followed close after.

Despite the complications Block.One faced during EOS’s main net release, CCID still felt that EOS remained supreme among all the blockchain projects on the market. The CCID is backed by the Chinese government and carries out what they consider to be the global public chain technology assessment.

The CCID website description translated into English reads: “The global public chain technology assessment work was organized and implemented by the CCID (Qingdao) Blockchain Research Institute. It was jointly carried out by a number of units including the CCID Think Tank under the China Electronic Information Industry Development Research Institute and the China Software Testing Center.

The purpose is to scientifically Assess the development level of global public chain technology.” On May 17th, 2018, the group released its first set of rankings with Ethereum on top and EOS nowhere to be found. In the second set of rankings released in June 2018, EOS, Ethereum NEO, and Stellar were at the top.

The newly released CCID Top 15 includes: The projects were rated in three different categories: technology, application, and innovation. While EOS suffered major hiccups the past month, the group was likely impressed with its consensus algorithm, which uses a delegated proof-of-stake (DPoS). Read more from…

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