Most coins under our focus have been on a slide for the better part of the year. It seems like it may continue at IOTA especially if sellers continue to push prices below $1 and 90 cents in the days to come. Like $110 and $90 is important for Litecoin, 90 cents which is a key support line for our analysis is important for IOTA.

EOS Daily Chart by Trading View The success of any blockchain depends on protocol developments and that’s perhaps the reason why EOS occupies top spot according to CCID’s data. The CCID works under the Chinese Ministry of ICT and it’s their objectives to rate and rank top performing blockchains.

Their selection criteria are based on creativity, application and technology. As marketed, EOS performs as expected according to the model used and the resulting data used for ranking these public blockchains irrespective of their tokens performance in the market.

Despite RAM talks, constitution review and talks of decentralization, EOS has a vibrant developer community and efficient making it the best blockchain topping the CCID technical assessment index. Still, we hold a bullish position on this coin despite EOS under-performance this week.

Thus far, EOS is stable, oscillating within July 2 high low and clearly rejecting further gains moving away from our bull trigger in the process. From our trade plan, this means we should take a neutral stand until after prices prints above $9-that’s when we shall buy. Read more from…

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