Perhaps a stand out is IOTA which despite news of IOTA Hub, addition of new personnel together and prospects of Qubic continues to dump down. Week over week, IOTA is down 18 percent and trending below 2018 lows.

Others as EOS, Litecoin and Stellar Lumens are stable with the later finding support at 22 cents but still oscillating within Aug 4 bears. Let’s have a look at these charts: EOS Daily chart by Trading View Relative to other altcoins, EOS prices are finding support around $7.

However, they are still down five percent down in the last week. That’s lower than the ball park eight percent losses registered by most coins in the top 10.

From the charts, we can see why. Not only are prices rejecting lower lows and bouncing off support, the past three candlesticks did close higher.

While they are yet to breach $7.5 or July 31 highs, this is a tinge of positivity the market needs. However, all things constant, we retain a bearish inclination. Read more from…

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